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Thank you for considering a contribution to Children's Grove!

Children's Grove is an all-volunteer, 501 (c) (3) organization. Our budget is based on donations throughout the year, with special emphasis on donor gifts in the month of December through the Community Foundation of Central Missouri.

Your gift to support kindness and emotional well-being of our community is greatly appreciated.


Please click below to access our online donation portal for secure credit card transactions:

If you would prefer to send cash, check or money order, our mailing address is:


Children's Grove / P.O. Box 736 / Columbia, MO 65205

Make checks or money orders payable to Children's Grove

In lieu of a gift to our general funds, you can also designate your donation to one of our programs below:


Kindness Libaries

Kindness Libraries include five storybooks that are carefully chosen to appropriately present goodwill, gentleness, and compassion. Our hope is to plant seeds that will blossom when children find themselves in intolerant situations.  Help spread kindness to our children with a donation of a Kindness Library.



Kindness Trees

With the help of community partners like you, Children's Grove plants Yellow Butterfly Magnolia trees. Each tree, with an accompanying dedication plaque, serves as a reminder of the importance of acting with kindness, respect and inclusivity. Please consider gifting a kindness tree to a school or business in your neighborhood.



Butterfly Benches

​​​​​​Every one of these beautiful iron-forged butterfly benches throughout Boone County represents the transformation of a community when kindness becomes the operating behavior. These benches represent kindness and the nurturing given by our community and that of loved ones to the well-being of children everywhere.

price varies by size

To donate your time and talents to Children's Grove, visit our get involved page or contact us.

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